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A Step-by-Step Guide

New Process for 2024 AAVA Vehicle Stickers:

The Ayala Alabang Village Association (AAVA) has introduced a streamlined process for the application and processing of vehicle stickers for 2024. The updated system aims to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and convenience for all homeowners. Here is an overview of the new procedure:

Introduction of the S-101 Form

The process begins with the S-101 form, a crucial document delivered by AAVA couriers to each property in the village. This form includes:

  • A list of vehicles associated with the homeowner’s property, identified by a unique C-code.
  • Options for homeowners to renew, remove, or add vehicles.
  • A section for confirming email addresses to facilitate future communications.

Receiving and Completing the S-101 Form

Homeowners must be present to receive the S-101 form. If not, it will be returned to the AAVA office, and a second delivery attempt will be made. Once received, homeowners should:

  • Verify the listed vehicles.
  • Mark vehicles for renewal or removal, providing reasons for any removals.
  • Add any new vehicles in the provided blank table.

Completed forms can be submitted in person at the AAVA office or electronically via email ( or Viber.

Processing and Payment

Upon receiving the completed S-101 form, AAVA will generate an S-102 Order Summary form, detailing:

  • Vehicles marked for renewal.
  • New vehicles for which stickers and RFID are being applied.

This form will be emailed to the homeowner for confirmation. Payment can be made at the AAVA office or through online banking options provided in the email. It is important to note that any outstanding association dues or unpaid citation tickets must be cleared before processing the application.

Final Steps and Installation

Once payment is processed, AAVA will issue the final form (S-103), which includes an Acknowledgment Receipt and a link to the appointment system for sticker and RFID installation. Homeowners can schedule their installation or opt for walk-in installation if no other bookings are in place.

Consequences of Non-Renewal

Failing to renew the AAVA vehicle sticker will result in the RFID system blocking vehicle entry through the boom gates. This could lead to significant delays and potential fines if directions from security guards are not followed.

Contact Information

By adhering to this new process, AAVA aims to ensure a smooth and efficient sticker application experience for all homeowners, contributing to enhanced security and convenience within the community.