""AAVA Using Social Media to be in Touched with Residents" "

We have our official Facebook page and Twitter account. THE AAVA BOARD has decided to use social media to be in better touch with villagers.

 We were introduced to this type of internet based communication with the help of our very own Governor Ricky Tamparong, District 5 Governor, who invited a social media expert (who humbly pretended to be just a student of social media) to brief us on the many advantages of using the media, in particular, Facebook. 

Although we have been organizing our website and expected this to be up and running in a few more weeks, we have decided to open a Facebook page. Our AAVA Facebook page can be found at Facebook.com/WeCareAAVA. We will use this account to make all our announcements for both those we release through AAVA News as well as for all the other updates and things we are able to do for the villagers on a weekly basis. We of course will use our Facebook account to respond to inquiries, questions and the like from residents. Since we in the Board are new comers to this medium, we will adjust gradually but steadily as best we can, in order to interact with our residents as often as needed. We hope that residents who are experts in the social media will be patient enough to understand that we are very new users of this field of communication. We of course have our IT staff to assist us but all communications will have to pass through certain protocols that are managed by both our Board and key Management staff to make sure we release only the most accurate responses to all types of questions, inquiries, suggestions and other possible comments. We will also use Twitter later as we adapt into this new mode of communication. We invite our residents to start communicating with us through our Facebook account at Facebook.com/WeCareAAVA.

By Epifanio S. Joaquin

Published in October 18-14, 2014 issue of AAVA News